Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the EU’s Eastern Partnership region have the potential to create jobs and drive economic growth. Obstacles such as limited access to finance, burdensome legislation and difficulties entering new markets are hindering their progress. The European Union’s EU4Business breaks down these barriers with finance, support and training to help small businesses realise their full potential. EU4Business support is delivered together with other organisations such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank.



  • Efficiency in the Walnut Business

    A training on ‘Efficiency in the Walnut Business’ is being organised by the Khmelnitsky Business Support Centre on 19 August, with the support of the EBRD, as part of the EU4Business initiative.

    The all-day training will focus on effective management of businesses specialised in the walnut industry, addressing business objectives, tips and best practices on cultivation and selling of several types of walnuts. 

    The training will cover the following topics:

  • Investment attractiveness of SMEs

    On 30 August, the Lviv Business Support Centre is organising a forum on ‘Investment Attractiveness of SMEs’, with the support of the EBRD as part of the EU4Business initiative.

    The forumis aimed at representatives of manufacturing and service companies, who will learn how to attract investments to their businesses. The format of the Forum is a World Café, allowing participants to talk with experts at the round table and to network with each other. 

    The Forum will focus on the following issues:


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