EU to support two new business development projects in Belarus

EU Head of Delegation in Belarus Andrea Wiktorin

The European Union is ready to assist Belarus in developing the private sector of the economy, the Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Andrea Wiktorin told the media on the sidelines of the KEF Economic Forum in Minsk on 6 November. 

“We are ready to support Belarus in the areas which the country will designate, for example, in the development of the private sector,” Andrea Wiktorin said.

According to her, special attention should be paid to the private sector since it is the backbone of the economy. 

Belarus is launching two projects with the support of the European Union to promote the development of the private sector, Andrea Wiktorin added. 

“We, on our part, are ready to support Belarus through the structural reforms fund,” she noted.

Through its EU4Business initiative, the European Union supports private sector development in Belarus, funding a number of projects that focus on improving access to finance and foreign markets, building business skills and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Last year, the EU launched a new project for Local Economic Development in Belarus, which supports participatory local development and entrepreneurship, with the aim of enhancing local growth and competitiveness, while addressing social vulnerabilities.